Wednesday, November 8, 2006

why, Why, WHY?

The Bigots Have Spoken

So, "No. 1" has passed. 1,382,671 to 334,641. 81% to 19%. This means that the vast majority of Tennesseans are bigots. Not only that, but a lot of states had their own version of "No. 1" this election, and most of them (from what I've seen so far) voted down gay marriage as well. So most of America is bigoted.

To recap: "No. 1" was not about the legalization of gay marriage. Had it lost, nothing would have changed; same-sex marriage would still be illegal in Tennessee. What "No. 1" did was make it not just a law, but a TN constitutional amendment. In other words, those who voted for No 1 not only want same-sex marriage illegal, but want it to stay illegal even when their grandchildren are in power.

Generally speaking, I don't let political matters interfere with my friendships. Usually, I don't care what my friends believe. They can be any religion, they can have whatever opinions they like on abortion, capital punishment, flag burning, or whatever. Diversity makes friendships interesting. It invites fun debates.
And I do like to argue, just ask my wife.

But - and this is highly unusual for me - I feel too strongly about this one to just let it go. So listen up: If you voted against same-sex marriage in this election, feel free to remove yourself from my Friend List. As all of you know, I'm transgendered. I'm also attracted to women. Though I have no plans at the moment, it is conceivable that someday I will have the surgery, and will be 100% female. Therefore it is remotely possible that someday I will be part of a lesbian relationship.

By voting Yes on "No. 1", you are basically saying that I shouldn't have the same rights as you. You are treating me like a second class citizen. Would you have voted on an amendment that prevented blacks from marrying? Jews? Left-handed people? So why is my minority any different?

Would you also like to take away my right to vote? My right to own property? What else would you like to take away from me? Bottom line is, if you don't believe in same-sex marriage, then you don't believe in my basic human rights. How can I possibly be friends with someone who feels that way?

So that's my ultimatum. While I always try to see both sides of an issue, on this one I simply can't. There is simply no way I can tolerate an opinion that takes my rights away. So if you truly don't think I should have the same rights as you, don't bother speaking to me again.

Now begone, and sin no more.

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